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What to Look for in a Dance Teacher
Successful dance instructors have a genuine love for dance and strive to bring out the best in their students by motivating and inspiring them. They always keep the welfare of their students in mind and know what is physically appropriate for their dancers. Additionally, they continually monitor and evaluate their students’ progression and seek new challenges to further develop dance ability.

A knowledgeable dance teacher is exactly that – a teacher, first and foremost. They maintain control of their classes by discipline, engaging, and directing their students. They enter the classroom free of personal distraction and give total focus to their students. They sense and respond to the individual need of each student and understand that each student is an individual with something to offer.

A good dance teacher knows it’s important to select age-appropriate music and choreography, to offer variety in music, choreography and class structure. They’ll continue their own educational process, in order to offer the best and most up-to-date technical training to their students. They will encourage students to learn from each other.

Most importantly, the right dance teacher for your child believes that teaching dance is about passing on an art form and fostering self-esteem, continually aspires to be the best educator they can be and wants to be doing exactly what they are doing – teaching kids to love dance!

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