Student Expectations

1. Students must arrive to classes on time.

2. Students are expected to attend their lessons each week.

3. Students must be dressed appropriately for their classes. See our Dress Code for detailed information.

4. Students work hard in class which is why water should always be brought to keep them properly hydrated.

5. Cell phones/electronics, food/drink and personal belongings are not allowed in the dance room at anytime. Snacks and belongings must be kept in the waiting areas and can be eaten or used in between classes.

6. Students must give their full attention to their teacher during class therefore no socialization/talking is allowed in class.

7. Students are expected to help maintain a clean environment by properly disposing of trash and organizing their belongings.

8. Students must refrain from touching the mirrors. The equipment and props in the dance room must be treated with care and respect.

9. Students must respect their teachers and other dancers at all times.
(Dance Kids Canada reserves the right to suspend or expel a student for rude or inappropriate behaviour towards any staff or other students.)

10. Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability while in classes. Personal integrity and hard work are what make dance challenging and rewarding.


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