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We are located at 1351 Woodbine Ave (Cosburn and Woodbine)

Join After School Club for the year and get a progressive dance (ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, broadway, lyrical or a creative dance) class (value $55 per month) for the entire season, at no additional cost. Ask us for details.

Monthly After School Club tution fee is $300 per month/per child.




Don’t miss out on DKC’s fun and affordable child care alternative. Sign up NOW. fdstdsrg
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With over a decade offering families fun, safe dance classes, camp and biththday parites, this season we have started offering After School Club services as well. Monthly After School Club tution fee is $300 per month/per child.

After School Club Outline:

Student pick up

Welcome students

Dance activities and Dance lessons

Multi-Sport or Jr. Gymnastics.


Parent pick up by 6 pm

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  Students must be enrolled in grade 1 to grade 6
  Registration for September 2017 opens February, 2017.
  There is a $150 yearly registration fee to secure enrollment. Registration fee can be applied to first months tuition.
  Your child may participate in any ONE progressive dance lesson for FREE. Progressive dance class have a value of $55/$99 (plus tax) per month, but have NO cash value in this offer.
  We require 60 days notice should you wish to withdraw.
  All tuition is subject to tax.

Register today, registration fee can be applied to your first month tuition)

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